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The Vermont Movie

See this great movie! Here’s a working link.



Gifford Hospital video about Tropical storm Irene



About how central VT coped with the great disaster of 2011.


Yes, we’re no longer just a litzine, though literary work and photos are welcome here. No one seemed to have anything they wished to contribute, but if anyone does in future, I’d be so glad to use your work here.

Quarry Hill is a 67 year old retreat for artists, writers, and unusual and unconventional people in the Green Mountains of central Vermont.  Actually, it has proved to be indefinable. I think that the years ahead will bring about great changes, as it will be a choice between this and the gradual fading of our vibrant society. Fewer young people (our kids)  live here now but at the moment, we have a whole community full of new folks with kids who seem to  enjoy it here.

Send us questions and comments. I’d love to publish music and photos, too… we hope your themes will have something to do with the greatness of the individual creative spirit, the pure fun and joy and lack of fear in children, the necessity to be kind to animals, or some other topic we like. But send anything. We’re not big on ugliness, darkness, or vampires.

The only question I was ever asked at the other (Blogger) site was: Do you all still sleep together?  I found this a most entertaining query, as it assumed that we ever did. We did live a non-monogamous life in the days of yore (the 60s-70s) but we seem to have settled down into monogamy in old age.  No one is against multiplicity, we’re just attached to our longtime Primary or Secondary partners now.

Ask me about it. I will reply.  Am writing  a memoir about my life here at QH and elsewhere.


We are here! We are here! We are here!