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Neil Colligan’s Brief Film about the Celebration of Barbara Fiske Calhoun’s Life


See it on YouTube, under Neil Colligan.
WONDERFUL!!We want to ask Neil to make a longer one with more dialogue.


The Vermont Movie

See this amazing film, years in the making, and featuring Quarry Hill among other Vermont community-type living arrangements.  Freedom and Unity forever! You’ll be able to see where it will be screening near you, and get tickets as soon as you can.

Thanks to our friend Nora Jacobson, a great filmmaker, we are in it, and I look forward to seeing it (though a bit shy about seeing myself).

Have fun!

Bethel Mountain Road open now…


The Bethel Mountain Road (from Rochester, where we live, to Randolph and Bethel) seems to be open now, even on weekdays… a great relief. We felt so claustrophobic here (most of us, anyway) with it closed. (Gifford Memorial Hospital, our closest medical center,  is in Randolph, though our intrepid doctor, Dr. Mark Jewett, came to Rochester as soon as he could after the hurricane/trop. storm and began providing medical attention to everyone. We are grateful. Nice to have the road open… it’s still bumpy in places. though… and not all paved. But glad it’s there!

Survey about your experience with Quarry Hill


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