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Morning has Broken


After a period of stillness and inaction following my mother’s death, I feel I’m emerging into the light of creative joy again.

i recently published a chapter From Y memoir. Called presently Prospero’s Daughter, and am beginning to feel eagerness to finish the work, as well as much else.

See the chapter, The Battle of The Fountainhead, at under the name Ladybelle Fiske. Thanks for your comments there.

Quarry Hill, too, is waking to a new morning. Young people are becoming interested in being involved with it, regenerating it. This year we celebrate out 70th anniversary. We hope to see it go on long into the future and be filled with the creative joy of a new morning.

“Morning has Broken” was one of Barmaras favorite songs, by Cat Stevens and Eleanor Farjeon.

To Ginny S. the Happiness Lady!


Thanks for writing to me. The article I wrote about you and some kids who are very creative who went at the time to a school in Stowe was “Killed,” never came out. But I really enjoyed speaking with you that day at Curtis Pond. It is one of the most wonderful places on earth and I believe the little house of happiness you made there will flourish again.

Have you thought about making Eco friendly jewelry – yours is so lovely?

I hope we meet again!

Ladybelle (Isabella ) Fiske McFarlin

Rochester VT