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By Dillard K. Henderson, QH’s Poet Laureate

Sonnet Number Fifty
All in one flowing moment free from time,
I sat upon a mighty mountainside
Beneath great metal booming wind-blown chimes
Above Zen terraced gardens with my guide.
I saw below, beyond the knoll and stream, 
Another mountain breath and undulate.
Awaking slowly from delusion’s dream,
I entered then a much more mindful state.
Then beauty’s beings, radiant as suns,
Each sang her sacred spirit song to me.
The spirit world and this one too were one.
The moon arose, and I began to see.
I heard all music, then, in but one chime
And knew forever, then, in Earthly time.

The Vermont Movie

See this amazing film, years in the making, and featuring Quarry Hill among other Vermont community-type living arrangements.  Freedom and Unity forever! You’ll be able to see where it will be screening near you, and get tickets as soon as you can.

Thanks to our friend Nora Jacobson, a great filmmaker, we are in it, and I look forward to seeing it (though a bit shy about seeing myself).

Have fun!