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I am sorry about the bombings in Boston. We have tried to help with a little money (we can’t afford much). I will give blood soon. Hope others will too.

I was so relieved to hear that Joya and Brem are all right. Yet, others aren’t, and I am really sad for the families of those killed and for those injured.

I am — as a pacifist and a Quaker– also sorry for innocents (esp. children) killed in drone strikes and all acts of war.

— Ladybelle


Vermont Arts, Art and Soul


Have a look at this, all Vermont Artists!

Please donate to help rebuild Rochester, VT. after Hurricane Irene


Help us rebuild Rochester, Vermont, home of Quarry Hill Creative Center. It has been hard hit by Hurricane Irene and many people can not live in their homes at all. We’d be grateful for anything you can do for the town and its residents (which includes us!).