IF by Lyra Fiske


A delicate high wire act
How much
Should others know
Maybe they already do
Not sure I care
My heart can't
Stay contained
I think you're lonely too
Letting you get
Inside my head
Your eyes
Your words
Your smile
Seeping into cracks
That aren't airtight
My mind's in overdrive
Hoping we kiss
I didn't sleep last night
Imagining us
I wanna pursue this
With all my might
Then saturate my senses
And step away
I think
We're both ready
To drink in all of life
Mixing imperfections
Blending contradictions
Something wonderful
And terrifying
And then
I wait
In that vulnerable place
I thought I'd never
Empty and uncertain
Hoping in vain
To be proven right
This time



About quarryhillcreativecenterVT

I am the daughter of the founders of Quarry Hill Creative Center in Rochester, VT. I've been a writer all my life, and also love to draw in pastel, like my mother. My father taught me to write and many other things (rather as Prospero taught Miranda). I learned many things from my mother too-- not just how to draw, but how to be caring and kind to animals and things that can not protect themeselves. "They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain." That has been her central point of view and is one of Quarry Hill's mottos. We welcome visitors, love children, and have places to rent and sell if anyone wants to come live in the beauty of the Vermont Mountains. ladybellefiske@gmail.com

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