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I’m headed to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, Feb 13-17. 2014


Trina will be presenting there and I’m sure many fascinating things will be going on. I’m seeking a new agent as, so sadly, my dear friend and agent, Kit Ward, passed away not that long ago.

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The simple loveliness of New York’s City Hall


Beautiful photo of ever changing New York… at one of its most beautiful phases.

Ephemeral New York

When City Hall opened in 1812, some New Yorkers feared it was too far north; after all, the city at the time was centered at the southern tip of Manhattan.


But the city quickly marched northward and this French-inspired Federal structure (the two designers who built it won $350 for their efforts) has been in use continually for more than 200 years.

Surrounded by stately city buildings and offices and often the site of riots and demonstrations, it maintains a simple elegance.

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The front page of the Sunday paper in 1896


Beautiful image from the Sunday Journal, 1906…

Ephemeral New York

At 40 pages with a color cover, the Sunday Journal in the late 19th century was quite impressive.


What I love about it, besides the cyclist in her winter riding outfit, are the headlines: “The Death Traps of New York,” “Smallest Baby in the World,” something about a millionaire’s house—it’s the same sensationalist copy peddled in print and online these days.

The 10-page pullout from the Patriarch’s Ball rounds it out. The Patriarch’s Ball was an annual party for the cream of the crop of New York’s social scene . . . the same kind of celebrity event given wall to wall media coverage today.

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