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“Impossible Body”


A Poem by Joya Lonsdale…


The Vermont Movie and Quarry Hill


Part III of Freedom and Unity: The Vermont Movie will feature archival footage and information on “Communes” and communities in the state of Vermont. At one time, in the 1970s, it was said that there were over 200 of them. Quarry Hill had already been around since 1946 at the time, and is and was probably the oldest and longest lasting of the communities. We’re still here. Last year, Nora Jacobson, VT filmmaker, did an interview with me, one with my mother, Barbara Fiske Calhoun, and with some others. I let her use some of the Fiske Family archival photos and videos of Irving speaking and so on.

Now the movie is coming out. Part Three will have some stuff about QH, though it will no doubt be very trimmed down, and about other communal living situations. I urge seeing this fascinating six part film on the history of Vermont– a huge undertaking on the part of Nora, Nat Winthrop, and of many other Vermont filmmakers including our friend Robin Lloyd… Here’s the link.

Check it out!


Joya Lonsdale and Rupert Moonjumper, Jr. on their Wedding Day, Aug. 31, 2013, Warren, VT.


The newlyweds stand at the brink of the Mad River at the Farm at Mad River; rain over, happiness in flower… Joya is the granddaughter of the founders of Quarry Hill, Irving and Barbara Fiske (Calhoun)…

Barbara Hall still remembered by Ladies Making Comics… almost 94


Barbara Hall Fiske Calhoun, or B. Hall in the Golden Age of Comics, is in the hospital and may be entering a nursing home soon (she has been falling). Her 94th birthday is Sept. 9, 2013, as she was born 9-9-1919.
Here’s a compassionate and caring post from Ladies Making Comics.


The Vermont Movie

See this great movie! Here’s a working link.


The Vermont Movie

See this amazing film, years in the making, and featuring Quarry Hill among other Vermont community-type living arrangements.  Freedom and Unity forever! You’ll be able to see where it will be screening near you, and get tickets as soon as you can.

Thanks to our friend Nora Jacobson, a great filmmaker, we are in it, and I look forward to seeing it (though a bit shy about seeing myself).

Have fun!