Check out Mischka O’Connor’s site– one of the great artists of our time!

A student of Barbara Fiske’s, she has been painting for many years and is always evolving in her creativity.



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  1. Hi Ladybell! Thank you for your kind words. The problem is nobody spells my name right so they can’t find the website. It’s not Mischka, or Mishka or Miska. . . it’s Mishcka. AARGH! Don’t ask me why that “c” is where it is but it’s been there for too many years for me to change it now. I’m about to upload an old picture of you and William and Barb and me – and Ceasar in the background with a paragraph about Barbara (Isabel Hall) as one of the major influences of my art. I hope to have it done by next week. See the Journal page on the website.

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