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Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach


Love the cover! I haven’t read this yet, but am looking forward to it.


Bill Roorbach


My earliest (other than Irving Fiske) and one of my best teachers in the art of Creative Nonfiction. Also a really nice guy. I want to thank you, Bill, for all you have done to help me and my writing, and to recommend your books to anyone interested in GOOD WRITING. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read by you (haven’t read them all yet).  Check it out and also– Bill Roorbach and Dave Gessner, two good writers with a great sense of humor.  See


Mischka’s Website… beautiful!


See Mischka O’Connor’s gorgeous website… she studied as an artist with my mother, Barbara Hall (Fiske) for a time, and mentions it on the website. I really appreciate it when people give Barbara and Irving (and Quarry Hill) the credit for their part in the iife of the artist or writer or designer or playwright or whomever. Thank you Mischka!