Amazingly, a cousin (l3rd cousin to my mother, Barbara, or Isabelle Hall Fiske Calhoun), has asked to come visit. I’m so glad to get a chance to meet her! Kathy Grace, a descendant of A. W. Venable, a Congressman of both the Union and the Confederacy (at different times). Kathy is the descendant of his daughter Isabella, and I am descended from his daughter Mary Grace, whose daughter, Isabella, was raised by him and his wife, Isabella Alston Brown Venable, after the death of Mary Grace.  Her father, Richard Daniel, wrote to her, but apparently did not feel that he could raise her (not uncommon in the Old South).
Another surprising thing… Kathy is studying with Mark Borax, a disciple of my former boyfriend, or anyway the father of Joya, my daughter– astrology runs rampant in this family– as do coincidences!

I hope we do get  to meet.

Amazingly, a cousin (3rd cousin to my mother,)


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