Mad Men, The Hip Sixties, and The Gallery Gwen (and me…)


Check out my letter to the NY Times (online) that was published the other day and received some attention….






Mad Men has no sense about the Sixties as it related to people who were — either on purpose or because they had no choice– living without money.

The Hip world is a mystery to them. The only part they have done well is the Hare Krishna episode, though I never saw anyone like “Mother Lakshmi” among them. I once had an argument with their leader, the Yogi on 2nd St and 2nd Ave. (I can’t remember his name– their main man?)

about Buddhism vs. HInduism….


I was 15 at the time. Irving was there too and very proud of me. 


I realize now that I actually didn’t have much reason to argue with the yogi, but I felt that chanting was a way of driving the person away from enlightenment. No peace and silence in which to reveal it.


This was when we had the Gallery Gwen on E. 4th and 2nd Ave…


“Off St. Marks Pl.” as a friend of mine said today, is what? “On 2nd Ave?” That is what is “off St. Marks.”




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