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A beautiful Spring day in Vermont


The daffodils are all up, from a few days ago when they were still spears sticking their slick green points from last year’s leaves. I love to pick some of them and have them near my bed… the scent of hope and joy and of all springs that were and those to come.


Irving and


This is not a cult…


I found that people had used the word “cult” when searching in search engines to find this blog. Please, folk. I have lived in a real cult (or two)– one almost like that of C. Manson (except no killing).

Quarry Hill is NOT a cult. It has communal aspects and is also a family rental business. We ask very few things of people except that they not hit or be nasty to kids and that they not hunt or fish on this land. I have seen the face of a true cult and I know this is not one.


Ladybelle Fiske McFarlin

Mad Men tries again to show the Hip Sixties


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So Mad Men tried… to show what the Sixties were REALLY like.

To make up for its foolish error about St. Marks PL by taking characters (and US) to the Electric Circus, which was a sort of dance and groove out joint on St Marks Pl (It had been a Polish hall for celebrations called the Dom and some other things).

They showed a light show that I assume may have been meant to be The Joshua Light Show… but I am not sure. I saw the light show at The Electric Circus once. Never had money to go to things that cost anything.
All around me was the Village, with all the culture and all the energy– I never went to a single Rock concert, however– No Fillmore East. I went twice, that’s wrong. Went to see “The Enlightenment of the Buddha” by Timothy Leary (a light show of another kind) and to hear my beloved Incredible String Band play.
“All the world is but a play,
Be thou the joyful player!”

— Ladybelle