Quarry Hill’s First Sponsored Creativity Contest


Please send us your stuff! Anything– we’d like to see it!

The Moon Seen In Water:Quarry Hill Creative Center's Blog!

Hello all!

We want to see more creative writing and photography, drawings, paintings, et al, come through our site, The Moon Seen in Water. We are interested in a non-dogmatic Eastern Religion based theme, like Taoism but not only Taoism, Buddhism but not only … you see ? We are also interested in nature with Spirit moving through it… Haiku– love poetry…

Short short stories with some of these themes. Well plotted stories about people who are in some kind of trouble and use this as an occasion to discover a sort of liberation in themselves and others. Stories about anything well plotted and well written for that matter.

Prize? $10. and publication– and celebration on Facebook and Twitter, etc. and on our other blog, quarryhillcreativecenter.blogspot.com

Another theme we like is childhood, children being treated well, children seeing magic in all things, children being helped, not hurt, by adults. Yes…

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About quarryhillcreativecenterVT

I am the daughter of the founders of Quarry Hill Creative Center in Rochester, VT. I've been a writer all my life, and also love to draw in pastel, like my mother. My father taught me to write and many other things (rather as Prospero taught Miranda). I learned many things from my mother too-- not just how to draw, but how to be caring and kind to animals and things that can not protect themeselves. "They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain." That has been her central point of view and is one of Quarry Hill's mottos. We welcome visitors, love children, and have places to rent and sell if anyone wants to come live in the beauty of the Vermont Mountains. ladybellefiske@gmail.com

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