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  1. I loved my time at Quarry Hill. I look back upon it as part of my experiences of coming of age in the Sixties. I was definitely attuned to the Zeitgeist of the times which was the Sixties. Irv was my first “guru”-like figure who helped me see that the transmitted pattern of our culture was just one approach on solving the problem of living together with people but not the only way of doing things. For me, Quarry Hill was not just a place in which people talked about ideas but a place in which one could try putting in practice an alternative approach. At that time I had just finished reading A.S. Neill’s book, “Summerhill” and thought of Quarry Hill as just that type of utopian place in which an alternative vision was lived to reach people and children who felt they could not fit in with the surrounding society because it rejected their needs or ideas. I came close to moving there but other voices of my destiny were also calling.Still I am grateful to have met the people of Quarry Hill when it was a beacon to the idealists who wanted to change society for the better and also wanted to enjoy life.

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