By Dillard K. Henderson, QH’s Poet Laureate

Sonnet Number Fifty
All in one flowing moment free from time,
I sat upon a mighty mountainside
Beneath great metal booming wind-blown chimes
Above Zen terraced gardens with my guide.
I saw below, beyond the knoll and stream, 
Another mountain breath and undulate.
Awaking slowly from delusion’s dream,
I entered then a much more mindful state.
Then beauty’s beings, radiant as suns,
Each sang her sacred spirit song to me.
The spirit world and this one too were one.
The moon arose, and I began to see.
I heard all music, then, in but one chime
And knew forever, then, in Earthly time.

Days in June


How beautiful and transient the world is.

That lunatics appear to be in charge   Of events makes this hour of life even more beautiful in some strange way.

The  glory of the earth. My dog is 13, stiff, tired, aged. She is transient. I am too: I am no longer able to wander the forests as I once did. Little by little we pass away without even realizing it most of the time, but sometimes, capturing the moment of our being on this earth, one realizes how special and perfect it is.  The earth is so beautiful and it is so quickly vanishing, both in the ecology and in our lives. In my life.

And yet, and yet …to not cling to this is the secret of awareness, or of a certain kind of consciousness.

I have always thought there was more than one kind of Satori.
A peony 

John F. Kennedy Turns 100 Today.

John F. Kennedy Turns 100 Today.

Sabian Earth

It is hard to imagine John Kennedy as an old man, a man at his 100th birthday, because he was such a vigorous, engaging man, when we knew him and as we see him and his family in the old photographs.   What I want to do in this post  is to look at some of the astrological indicators that perhaps reveal the nature of the sustained high regard that he has in the hearts and minds of people in America and around the world.   There are probably three Presidents that rate “myth figure” status.  I think most people will agree that  our “founding father”, George Washington is number one; the second would be Abraham Lincoln and the third I think should be John Kennedy.  He does not have the “gravitas” of his two predecessors, but he had “something extra” that caught our imaginations, indeed, his brief occupation of…

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