By Dillard K. Henderson, QH’s Poet Laureate

Sonnet Number Fifty
All in one flowing moment free from time,
I sat upon a mighty mountainside
Beneath great metal booming wind-blown chimes
Above Zen terraced gardens with my guide.
I saw below, beyond the knoll and stream, 
Another mountain breath and undulate.
Awaking slowly from delusion’s dream,
I entered then a much more mindful state.
Then beauty’s beings, radiant as suns,
Each sang her sacred spirit song to me.
The spirit world and this one too were one.
The moon arose, and I began to see.
I heard all music, then, in but one chime
And knew forever, then, in Earthly time.

To Ginny S. the Happiness Lady!


Thanks for writing to me. The article I wrote about you and some kids who are very creative who went at the time to a school in Stowe was “Killed,” never came out. But I really enjoyed speaking with you that day at Curtis Pond. It is one of the most wonderful places on earth and I believe the little house of happiness you made there will flourish again.

Have you thought about making Eco friendly jewelry – yours is so lovely?

I hope we meet again!

Ladybelle (Isabella ) Fiske McFarlin

Rochester VT

Neil Colligan’s Brief Film about the Celebration of Barbara Fiske Calhoun’s Life


See it on YouTube, under Neil Colligan.
WONDERFUL!!We want to ask Neil to make a longer one with more dialogue.

Come to Barb’s Celebration of LIfe at 1 PM on Oct. 4 at Quarry Hill!

Come to Barb’s Celebration of LIfe at 1 PM on Oct. 4 at Quarry Hill!

To my dear friend Alan Stirt, great artist who used to learn the beginnings of his craft by playing around with my brother with wood and a knife, carving pipes… and later became a renowned wood artist, a Bowlmaker whose work is in the White House as well as many other places!

I hope you can come to Barbara Hall Fiske Calhoun, my mother’s, Celebration of LIfe on Oct. 4 at 1 PM at Quarry Hill. I’d love to see you again and speak of our many adventures together. I miss you!

Please come if you can.  I miss everyone. Art, Seth, Rita, Enid, Hinda, Steve,  Barbara, Ken Jacobs, Flo Jacobs, Nisi, Aza, Henry, and everyone.

We had fun at Harpur College (now Binghamton Univerity) and in our wandering in the autumn air… I hope you’ll come to Barb’s Celebration of LIfe Oct 4 at QH.  We miss you. I surely do…

We are part of one another, and I’ll always feel that way.



Dear Friend! Coe and visit